About WebPro

WebPro is established with the vision of providing high quality ICT offerings that help customers streamline their internal process. We deliver best-in-class solutions dedicated to interoperability, based on standards and customer requirements. We allow enterprises of all sizes to move into e-business computing while continuing to leverage the benefits of legacy systems.

Our vision is to enable the new digital world, where our customers have the freedom to compute on any platform and integrate and manage them across the enterprise. Today's companies need solutions to help them work faster and more efficiently than ever before. These companies can depend on WebPro to anticipate their needs and help them move into the future- without abandoning the past. We intend to make WebPro the name customers trust for leveraging and delivering award-winning, industry-proven technologies.

The company is composed with highly qualified, young and energetic professionals with years of experience who have specialized in different areas of IT technologies. The company's development staff is composed of competent professionals with expertise in the areas of web application development, web Design, software design, software development and networking.

We plan to position ourselves at the forefront of IT solution provision in Ethiopia. We intend to achieve this in continuous product innovations; customer/market focused strategy, being one step ahead of our competitors in providing best-fit solutions to our customers and finally serves the community at large.

Technical Capability

WebPro ICT proffessionals are experienced on Client Server Systems, Distributed systems, Multilingual Web Applications as well as Network installation and configuration.

WebPro has been giving networking services, Client server systems, Web Applications while its technical team has proved its capability, dedication, and professional conduct in rendering its services to its customers.

Some of the websites and system applications developed by WebPro are as follows:

Websites, web based applications and tools

•  Ethiopian amharic books reading communiy website. http://www.ethioreaders.com
•  Ethiopian Premier League News and Stats online EthioFootball.com http://www.ethiofootball.com
•  Examcraetive http://www.examcraetive.com
•  ERT Web based application.  
•  Amharic Ethiopian Calendar Tool  
•  Web based automated advertisement and holiday management system  


•  Human Resource Management System Software(HRMS)
•  Clinic Software (Patient Record Maagement System)
•  Fleet Management System
•  Vehicle Maintenance Management System
•  Stock Management System
•  Pharmacy Drug and Sales Management System